Let's Bowl @ Austral Bowlo

Let's Bowl @ Austral Bowlo

Bowls is social and fun and accommodates all sporting abilities. It’s a fun day for birthdays, Christmas parties, hen’s or buck’s parties, corporate events or simply a get together with some friends.

Never played Barefoot Bowls before?

Barefoot Bowling is an easy game played in a social and relaxed atmosphere suitable for almost anyone. 

The object of Barefoot Bowls is simply to get your bowl as close to the jack as possible.

The trick is the bowl is weighted, so it doesn’t go in straight line.

After a few bowls even a novice can start to get the bowl where they want it, but just in case we will have someone available to explain to you and your guests how to bowl and the tricks of the trade.

Our Club offers some great group options for a minimum of 15 players!

For further information, simply click here for more information!

Barefoot Bowls Only $15pp

2hrs of bowls, including a dedicated bowls coach to help with the game, bowls mats and jacks - Minimum of 15 players!


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